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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG Corp. since 2006) is one of the most famous corporations owned by the Canadian Government. The company is engaged in lotteries, charity, commercial casinos, and slot machines. The prize center is located in Toronto, and the main corporate office is in Sault Ste. Marie.

Is OLG's activity legal in Canada?

All the activities are absolutely legal in Canada and are regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The corporation is accountable to the Minister of Finance through the Board of Directors, and from 2003 to 2007 it was under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal jurisdiction.

Age restrictions

To play the lottery, a user must be aged 18 and over, which is regulated by Canadian legislation.


As a part of modernization, the platform introduced iGaming. iGaming is the first state-regulated gambling site on the Internet. In addition, the corporation has launched, as well as a mobile application. These are new safe online gambling programs that include fun and exciting games, as well as a comprehensive responsible gambling program. You can see all casino reviews here —Ā offers Ontario citizens over the age of 18 a full range of lottery tickets online for games such as:

  • Lottery tickets online for national games such as LOTTO MAX, LOTTO 6/49, and ENCORE
  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Poker for one player
  • Instant play
  • BlackJack


To protect consumers from offshore gaming sites on the Internet, OLG has created this website. Offshore gaming sites do not check the participants’ age, do not have player protection or secure transactions. OLG strongly opposes the minors’ participation in gambling, and the registration process on will include age verification, which will help prevent minors from registering an account.

Daily Keno

The main OLG feature is Daily Keno – one of the oldest gambling games, transferred to internet space. The game originally appeared in Canada in June 2012. At moment, the Keno lottery is only available in Ontario. It appeared a long time ago, but the name Keno has never changed. Since the first edition, the game format has not changed.

How to find out Keno winning numbers

The results of Canada Daily Keno are announced immediately after draws, which are held at the main office of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) in Toronto. In general, circulations are held seven times a week. To be more precise, it is every day, at 14: 00 Eastern time. OLG Keno numbers themselves are selected using a mechanical lottery drum.

How to choose Daily Keno numbers

Today, the 20/70 format is used; thus, the main Canada Keno issues, of which, as one can see, there are 10, the number will have to be selected from 1 to 70. Please note that players need to specify exactly how many numbers (from 2 to 10) they are going to guess from 20 numbers selected as a draw result.

Winning odds and prize categories Keno

The lottery offers nine prize categories. The amount of the main prize is fixed, that is, unfortunately, there are no record high jackpots in Keno Daily. Today, this amount is CAD 250,000CAD 1 (at a CAD 1 rate). And yet, the fact that the jackpot is considered very modest is compensated by really high winning chances!

As stated in official sources, the jackpot-winning probability is 1 to 2,147,181. In particular, you will need to guess all main Canada Keno numbers, of which there are 10; thus, overall chances of winning are 1 to 39. For clarity, you can look through the table:

Selected numbers

Guessed numbers









CAD 25




CAD 100




CAD 250




CAD 1,000




CAD 5,000




CAD 25,000




CAD 50,000




CAD 250,000


Please note that the list of prize categories is not complete, since it includes only those cases when the player managed to guess all numbers that he tried to guess initially. If, for example, a player chooses 8 numbers before the start of the draw, but in the end guesses only 7 of them, he still gets a prize.

Keno Prices

The minimum cost of a game is CAD 1, although players can also choose bets of CAD 2, CAD 5, or CAD 10. At the same time, players do not have the opportunity to increase their potential prize. What’s great is that players are invited to take part in Encore, a bonus game with a chance to win CAD 1 million for an additional cost of CAD 1.

Canada Keno hot and cold numbers

The hottest, that is, the most frequently selected numbers of Canada Keno are 34, 08, 15, 20, and 48. Cold numbers include the following: 12, 01, 19, 25, and 33.

Keno prize payout

The Keno Daily Jackpot is paid exclusively in a one-time payment. The good news is that a prize can be picked up at one of the company’s centers, and the process itself takes several minutes. As for prizes of other categories, amounts up to CAD 1,000 can be obtained from lottery retailers, in prize centers, and by mail. Prizes over this amount are only available at prize centers and by mail to those persons who presented their identity documents.

If you have won more than CAD 10,000, you will need to visit one of the prize centers in person. Note that no taxes are charged on Keno Daily winnings. There is one more thing that is worth paying attention to, namely the fact that players have one year to collect their winnings. Otherwise, the winning ticket will be invalid, even though the results of Canada Keno were.

Since the lottery is allowed for adults, prizes are paid out to people who have reached 18 years of age and over.

24/7 support

To find out Keno results, learn more about the lottery, or contact the support team, one can visit the official website.

In addition to the site, you can get in touch with administration in the following ways:

  • OLG Customer Support Center: 1-800-387-0098
  • OLG Prize Center: 20 Dundas Street, Toronto, ONM5G 2C2

Please note one more time that participation in the lottery is allowed from 18 years of age.